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  • 6th August
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Joey’s Snack House: Pansit Malabon

During the lively days of my father, he was always asking us to buy him some Pansit Malabon from Joey’s Snack House. Some of you might disagree if I say that they have the best Pansit Malabon in town. Let’s make this brief and simple; Joey’s Snack House is actually our “Razon’s” here in Cabanatuan.  Although both establishments specializes Pansit, the way it was prepared differs. Both are mouthwatering, so let’s not fight over it. The noble resto has been around for decades now and has three (3) branches.  

Infront of St. Tolentine Cathedral, (Main branch)

2F N.E. Pacific Mall in front of Bingo

Ground floor, Mega Center the Mall

So people, here I present you the epic Pansit Malabon of Joey’s:


Joey’s Pansit Malabon is prepared with special crackers and pepper sauce topped with half cooked shrimp, boiled eggs, balingit or chicharon bulaklak and leeks. I have tried copying their recipe but you know nobody beats the original. Single serving is about P65.00 and the ones which are placed in a bilao ranges from P100-P1000.

You should also try their Beef spaghetti if you want a win-win kind of meal. I believe I don’t have to tell you the ingredients but let me tell you how it tastes. It is something that will bring you back to your childhood days at first bite. Served with garlic bread as usual.image

I also like their Lechon Paksiw. I believe that the ones that they are serving is really a genuine Lechon. The flavor is just so right. It’s the original taste or rather perfect taste of a real Lechon Paksiw as cooked by my grandma when I was little. Not too sweet, not too sour but pure indulgence. Even the Litsunan around here cannot beat the delish-ness  of their paksiw.

I will feature their desserts soon and some more foods around me sooner.

Forgive me for the poor quality of the photos as I only got it in Google.  Will replace them as soon as I get the chance to take a photo of ‘em. Credits goes to the owner of the photos respectively.

How to find them: Joey’s Snack House (Main Branch)

641 Gen Luna, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Phone: +63(44)463-1033

Disclaimer: The owner of this blog is not their staff nor owner’s friend. I’m just a blogger with so much to say and so much to eat with so little time. Also, Joey’s did not pay me to post this.  K?